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Dream Bigger

Living debt free has always been important that was one of the reasons it took me 7, YES 7 years to complete my masters-no student loans. Our 2012 adoption fees were paid in full with lots of hard work, fundraising & saving-debt free. I started my business to to pay for our second adoption. I knew this was my ticket to bring home my son this time without sacrificing vacations and extras for the girls. Each month I deposit my paycheck into our adoption account. September was a record breaking month for my team, I promoted to Level III, it hit me we are close to paying off our Haiti adoption & now this little hustle can cover my mortgage payments. Are you not where you want to be? Do you have goals that you think are impossible to accomplish? I would love to talk with you about this opportunity and how it can help you and your family. Do you want to pay off debt? Start an adoption fund? Pay for private school or even purchase your dream home? A few months ago I thought what if our biggest expense was covered by my little side hustle? What if? Well now I need to dream bigger!

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