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Life was a little strange this year.

We took our Christmas tree down on March 9, 2020 mostly because Scott was gone & I couldn’t handle the job alone. My wish for the new year was we would have more time as a family. Scott was on his 9th month of consecutive travel only to return home on the weekends. I laugh cause once that tree came down no one left this house. Together since March, zero work trips, no school, even our groceries delivered to the door everything happens within our four four walls & we don’t leave.

We spent the most time looking for good- so much good... grandparents moving, game nights, sister bonding, phone calls, even zoom calls with my 96 year old grandma. But don’t get me wrong there has been struggle & tears... too much togetherness, covid fears, news watching, homeschool struggles, dread & worry.

Looking forward to 2021, I cannot wait to hug my family & friends, send the girls to school & travel. Our appreciation for the little things, even for a normal schedule will be great. I hope to remember the lessons of 2020. Family time and togetherness being truly present is everything in life. Share the stories, laugh a lot, make the phone calls, connect with your people. In a year where we were forced to stay apart I feel more connected with my love ones than ever before.

Tonight I will see the new year in, hoping it gives us more of the good and a little less of the bad, hold my loved ones tight, this year has been a journey.

Cheers to 2021! lots to celebrate for the new year


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